What Sort Of Excavation Equipment Can You Hire In Australia Today?

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What Sort Of Excavation Equipment Can You Hire In Australia Today?

With such a big open-cast mining industry in the country, it is hardly surprising that you can hire all sorts of different excavation vehicles in Australia. Commonly, people need to hire industrial excavation vehicles because they are digging foundations or forming a trench, perhaps for a drainage pipe, for example. In many cases, groundworks companies will have their own excavators, but renting them for particular jobs is also commonplace. What are the main types of excavator equipment in use in Australia today?

Compact Excavators

One of the most common forms of excavation equipment you will find on building sites all over the country is a compact excavator. You will find that bobcat hire is available in every state of the country because these mini excavators are so versatile. Hiring a bobcat will allow you to get a small excavator into just about any location you could wish for. Although they are transported on a pair of tracks, they will even squeeze into most back gardens without too much trouble. Because they are relatively light, they are ideal in residential areas. As such, bobcat hire tends to be prevalent in built-up urban areas.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are also very commonly hired for medium-sized excavation jobs. A typical backhoe loader has a long arm and two different buckets that can be used for different sorts of digging jobs, one at the front and one at the back. Because they have large wheels rather than caterpillar tracks, they are good for larger projects and for transporting between more than one different site. These excavators are often hired by property developers for this reason, but you will also find them in use on large civil engineering projects as well. Indeed, their big wheels mean that, like tractors, they rarely run into trouble on soft ground.


With a high-torque engine that can cope with very tough terrain, bulldozers are also often rented rather than purchased outright by construction companies that may only need them a few days each year. Although bulldozers are a mainstay of the mining sector, they are also frequently hired for construction projects, too. A bulldozer is distinguished from other types of excavator equipment because it does not pick up earth but forces it aside. The front blade of a bulldozer is used to reshape soil and rock, often flattening it. As such, they tend to be used for forming roadways or car parks, where flattened sections of ground are preferable.

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