Why Hire a Modular Float?

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Why Hire a Modular Float?

If your company is working on a couple of big construction jobs at the same time, then you might need to get supplies, equipment and machines from site to site so that they're in the right place when they are needed.

The fact that you'll be moving large machines like excavators, bulldozers and loaders makes this a tricky job. You can't always load these pieces on regular trailers; they're typically too big and too heavy, especially if you want to move multiple machines at once.

Hiring a float trailer is an option. These trailers can handle large and heavy cargoes. However, rather than hiring a fixed-sized float, you can go for a modular model. How do these floats work and why should you hire one?

What Is a Modular Float?

Regular float trailers are a set size. Their load capacity depends on the length of the trailers and the number of axles.

Modular floats don't come in one piece. The float itself comes in individual parts. These parts slot together to build the trailer part of the vehicle. You can make its size bigger or smaller by attaching or detaching modules to the core system.

Why Use a Modular Float?

Choosing the right float size isn't always easy. If you just want to make one trip with a couple of machines, then you know what you need.

However, if you'll be making regular trips between sites on a needs-based schedule, then the size of the float affects your ability to get things from site to site.

If you hire too small of a float, you might have to make multiple trips. If the float is too long, you might not want to take it on the road with a small load.

You might end up hiring a float in a different size each time you need to shift stuff. This increases your costs and takes up time that you probably can't afford to lose.

If you hire a modular float, then you get a more flexible solution. You can configure the modules to build the trailer size you want for the job at hand. You can go to its maximum length to carry a couple of heavy machines, or you can strip it back to its smallest size to transport smaller pieces of equipment and supplies.

If you're interested in modular trailers, contact float hire companies. They can help you choose the right size and configuration to meet all your transport needs.

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