3 Questions to Ask Before You Decide Which Crane to Hire

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Decide Which Crane to Hire

Before you hire a crane for your construction site, you need to work out which type of crane to use. You also need to match your job's specifications to the crane's capabilities.

Get this wrong and you either end up with a crane that isn't fit for the purpose or with one that exceeds your needs and that comes with higher hire costs. To narrow down your options, ask yourself the following questions.

1. How Heavy Are Your Loads?

Cranes all do essentially the same job, but they have certain limits that affect their working capacity. For example, a small crane carries smaller and lighter loads than a crane with a higher tonnage limit.

So, think about the size and weight of the loads that you need the crane to lift on your site. Make sure that they fall within the crane's maximum limits.

Remember, this isn't just about the crane's lifting capabilities; it's also about the site's safety. If you try to make a crane lift too heavy a load, then it won't necessarily stay stable. It could rock or even topple over.

Also, if you damage the crane by exceeding its load capacity, then the crane hire company won't be happy. You could be liable for damage costs if you don't stick to the terms of your contract.

2. Do You Need Extra Height or Reach?

As well as load limits, different cranes have different height and reach capabilities. They can each go up a certain amount and reach across a certain length.

These factors may not be an issue if you simply need a crane to pick up loads from the ground and lift them up a few storeys or vice versa. However, you need a crane that can reach higher if you're working on a multi-storey build.

You also need a model with the right reach if the crane's access might be impeded. For example, if a crane has to work over an existing structure that cuts off its access points, then you need a model that can stretch over obstacles.

3. Do You Have Access Conditions?

In some cases, your site is open enough to take a crane without a problem. In others, you may find it hard to get the crane on-site.

If you need a large crane, then you may have to arrange special transport to get it to your site. If you have limited access that prevents you from driving the crane on to the site, then you might need to hire a mobile crane that can work from the perimeter.

For more advice on choosing the right model for your needs, ask crane hire companies for advice.

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