Do You Have the Pipe Test Equipment You Need?

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Do You Have the Pipe Test Equipment You Need?

How effective is the new piping that has been fitted in your building? The only way you can be certain that your piping will act as you expect without leaking is by testing the piping thoroughly before bringing it into use. While you might be tempted to test the more visible structural features of a building to ensure that they comply with building regulations and are safe to use, you can't afford to neglect your piping and similar systems. A failure in one of these smaller systems could imperil your project just as much as a failure with a larger system, so you can't afford to take any shortcuts.

What do you need to test your piping system?

One of the most frequently used methods of pipe testing is known as low-pressure testing. Low-pressure testing relies on the use of test plugs to complete the required test procedures. For your testing purposes, you could decide to buy centre-locking test plugs that are constructed from aluminium, steel or nylon. Alternatively, you could consider getting rim-fastening test plugs, which are commonly made from steel. Both of these types of test plug are commonly used to complete either water test or air tests.

Carrying out your pipe tests

Before starting a water test, you must seal your pipe with the test plug, remembering to also seal any branches on your piping system. You will then need to check that the level of the water remains unchanged throughout a test period of at least two hours. The air test is similar; you should ensure that the test plugs are fitted tightly before seeing whether you can detect any air leaks in the system. To carry out further tests on your pipework, you could consider purchasing drain tracing dyes, smoke pellets or inflator pumps to accompany your test plugs. These will help you trace any leaks to identify and show you which part of your system needs attention. Buying these accessories will not just help with new pipework but will help you to maintain your pipework and ensure that it stays in great shape long into the future.

Do you have to do it yourself?

If you do not feel competent to fit test plugs and examine your pipework yourself then it is advisable to call in a qualified pipework technician who will be able to carry out all of the required tests and ensure that your pipework is free from leaks.

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