Three Essential Precautions for Purchasing a Trailer Axle

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Three Essential Precautions for Purchasing a Trailer Axle

Choosing an ideal axle for your trailer can be a challenging process. Therefore, if you are building a new trailer or the axle in your old unit has sustained damage, you should consult a specialist supplier for guidance before purchase. It is important to note that an incompatible component will lead to handling problems and subsequent road incidents. In addition, the overall hauling capacity of the trailer could be compromised. Therefore, you must ensure that the chosen item is the best fit. Here are some precautions to remember for ideal selection of a good trailer axle.  

Evaluate the Capacity

The load-bearing capacity of an axle is an important consideration when purchasing this component. It will determine the utility of the trailer in moving your loads. In general, axles have a weight rating which indicated the maximum mass that they can handle. Your goal should be to match the bulk of the loads that you intend to tow in your rig to a compatible axle.

You can assess the optimal weight by adding the mass of the trailer to the expected cargo. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to opt for an axle with a limit which slightly exceeds the heaviest weight that you intend to carry. This will safeguard against accidental overloading. If you intend to purchase tandem axles for your trailer, you can determine their total capacity by adding their individual ratings.

Consider the Brakes

Trailer axle brakes are beneficial components in a towing rig. In general, the brakes will increase the stopping efficiency of the hitched vehicles. This will minimise the risk of an accident in uncertain road situations. Also, the additional brakes are invaluable in reducing the burden on the main vehicle brakes. This will result in less wear and lower repair and replacement costs.

However, you should keep in mind that not all axles are equipped with a braking system. Therefore, it is crucial to decide if you would like to have the feature before choosing and purchasing. Remember that trailer brakes might be legally required in some areas, especially when hauling heavy loads. Check on the local laws and understand the regulations before making a decision.

Check Material Options

The materials used in fabricating trailer axles will determine the performance and resilience of the component. So, it is worthwhile to consider your future towing conditions and find a suitable product for your haulage equipment. For instance, if you are planning on using the axle in a marine boat trailer, choose a part fabricated using a corrosion-resistant metal. 

For more information on trailer parts, reach out to a supplier.

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