Top Tips When Hiring A Posi-Track Skid Steer Loader

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Top Tips When Hiring A Posi-Track Skid Steer Loader

Posi-Track skid steer loaders are your best bet when you need to excavate or move small amounts of earth at your construction site. Hiring is an ideal solution for people that need the Posi-Track skid steer loader for a few days or weeks. 

Below are tips to help you hire a Posi-Track skid steer. 

Consider Reputable Dealers

Check the internet to identify companies that have the Posi-Track skid steer loader on hire. Below are some tips to help you choose a suitable company. 

  • Consider companies with a lot of positive reviews on the internet or from previous customers.
  • The hire company should have after-hire services such as free transport to your construction site. Maintenance and repair services are a must-have.
  • The company should have a friendly pricing policy. For instance, charges should begin once the equipment is at your site. Besides, you should not have to pay when the equipment is idle.
  • The company should provide skilled personnel to operate the equipment. 

Inspecting The Equipment

As a rule, you must inspect the Posi-Track skid steer loader. One of your vital concerns should be the condition of the skid steer loader. For instance, you should avoid skid steer loaders with a leaking engine. Skid steer loaders can handle various attachments including grapples, augers, backhoes, brooms, buckets and log splitters. Inspect the attachments. For example, check whether they can hitch on the skid steer. Besides, be on the lookout for leaking or dysfunctional hydraulics. The equipment should have a valid comprehensive insurance cover. 

Reputable companies will provide an inspection report detailing the equipment's service record and any problems it might develop. Further, the hiring company should provide the skid steer's operation manual.

On-Site Safety

Below are some Posi-Track skid steer safe operation tips: 

  • The skid steer should be operated by licenced and qualified personnel. A few years of experience is an added advantage.
  • Conduct a site inspection to identify hazards. For instance, beware of underground water and gas lines. Use a crawler skid steer if the site is slippery or muddy.
  • Check the equipment's limits. Overloading could cause serious accidents.
  • The operator should know his or her blind spots. Prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the site. 

Contractors should have an on-site emergency plan. It is a guideline that helps workers respond to emergencies on-site. Besides, it contains emergency contacts to local ambulance services. 

When hiring a Posi-Track skid steer, consider reputable dealers, inspect the equipment and observe the recommended on-site safety tips. 

For more tips on finding Posi-Track hire companies, reach out to a local heavy construction equipment company.

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