Should you think about hiring a mobile crane?

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Should you think about hiring a mobile crane?

Do you work in the construction industry? Perhaps you are employed in the forestry, ICT, or leisure industries. Wherever you are employed, there will always be times that you need to lift and move items that are far too large to be moved without mechanical assistance. When that time comes, instead of struggling to move heavy objects and risking injury to your staff and damage to your property, why not hire a mobile crane to get the job done?

Which mobile crane is right for you?

Mobile cranes are available with a wide range of specifications, and before selecting your crane, it is important to be clear about precisely where the crane will be expected to work and what you want the crane to do. One question which must be settled right at the start of your deliberations is whether the mobile cranes you need must be able to use a public road or whether they are intended solely for use in a private area such as a construction site. Once you have settled that question, you can move on to think about the technical specifications of your mobile cranes.

Assessing the capabilities of mobile cranes

When you look at a mobile crane before buying or hiring it, you must be able to decide whether or not it is capable of carrying out the work you have to be completed. There are three main specifications that you will need to check before you can decide whether you have found the right mobile crane.

The most obvious figure you will want to look at is the lift capacity, but this will also be affected by the length of the boom. A longer boom may be useful if close access to the area is a problem, but a longer boom will reduce the overall lift capacity of the crane. The final figure that you may want to ask the hiring company about is the radius between the centre of lift and the centre of rotation.

If you have any concerns about whether a particular crane is suitable, then it is sensible to discuss your requirements with the company renting the mobile cranes. They will have the expertise to understand whether a particular crane is suitable for your situation. They will be able to show you the different mobile cranes they have available and help you to select the best one for your circumstances.

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