Crushed Rock: Three Principal Tips for Acquiring Good Supplies

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Crushed Rock: Three Principal Tips for Acquiring Good Supplies

If you are planning on purchasing crushed rock aggregate, you should explore the options on the market before procuring the material. In general, crushed rock is essential in construction because it is suitable for forming foundations or sub-bases. Moreover, the aggregate can be combined with materials like concrete to improve strength or function. However, when shopping for the material, you must keep in mind that there are diverse materials on the market. A poor choice can lead to poor performance of your completed structure. Here are some basic guidelines to help you choose the best crushed rock for your specific construction project.

Think About Screening

Unscreened crushed rock aggregate consists of gravel in different sizes. This aspect is beneficial because the smaller particles fill the gaps between the larger stones. This ensures that the final surface is tightly packed for a stable structure. For instance, unscreened aggregate is favoured for landscaping and sub-base construction. However, some applications require uniform crushed rock for ideal building results. For instance, if you are planning on mixing the stones with concrete, there will be requirements in relation to size. If this is the case, you should inquire about screened aggregate from the supplier. As implied, the crushed material is passed through a screen, and the different stone sizes are separated.

Consider the Appeal

You should think about the appearance of the crushed rock aggregate before purchase. This consideration is of importance if you are planning on having the materials exposed. For instance, the aggregate will be prominent if used in landscaping or when used in creating exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. When looking for attractive crushed rock materials, you should focus on the colouring. In most cases, natural rocks are the ideal choice because they often have beautiful variegated appearances. However, you can achieve good results with recycled materials. For example, brick rubble and recycled stones can be utilised with beautiful results.

Check the Treatment

Finally, it is important to think about the treatment of the crushed rock aggregate before purchase. The form of treatment will determine the suitability and convenience of use. The most common form of preparation of the material is washing the pieces. This process is intended to eliminate rock dust from the surfaces for better utilisation. For instance, this will prevent the introduction of harmful contaminants when combining with concrete. Some crushed rocks are also cement-treated for better compaction, adhesion and good performance.

If you are not sure about how to choose crushed rock, discuss your needs with a supplier. 

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