4 Things To Consider When Hiring a Crane

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4 Things To Consider When Hiring a Crane

Renting a crane helps cut overall expenses in the project. Cranes play an important role in demolition and construction projects. They help lift and transport heavy material on the site. Before choosing a crane service, you need to do some research to identify the type of crane you need. Therefore, before you choose the right crane service, you need to have some information handy. Here are 4 factors to consider when choosing the right crane.

Crane Capacity

This is a combination of the weight of the load you're going to lift and the required reach of the crane. It covers the maximum weight allowed for loading or offloading heavy items. If you're moving heavy loads over a wide area, you will need a crane with a bigger lifting capacity. The higher the capacity, the more expensive hiring the crane probably will be. However, this is no excuse to choose a cheaper option. To ensure safety, select a crane with a higher lifting capacity than the load you need to lift. 

Boom Length

This refers to how high you need your crane to reach. The boom length determines the height that the load can reach. The longer the boom, the bigger the crane capacity required. Before you hire a crane for your project, you need to now the project's lifting height. You need a crane to reach the height, even if the weight is only a few kgs. If the load needs to be lifted high in the air, you may need special permits to perform these tasks. 

Accessibility of the Site

Before you hire a crane, you need to consider the project sites. Can the crane access the site? If there are any obstacles on the site, you need to know if it's possible to navigate the site. These obstacles include rough terrains, restricted areas, workers, nearby buildings or power lines. You need to inform the contractors in advance to come up with a plan and suggest the appropriate crane for the task. 

Crane Cost

Hiring a crane is quite expensive. Some companies may charge per hour, while others charge per day, hour or project. Even a simple movement to and from the site is expensive. It might be tempting to go for the cheapest deal. However, because of the nature of the job and the risk involved, don't go for the most affordable option. Ensure you consider the safety and experience as well as the cost.

Hiring a crane is a crucial decision to make. Ensure you consider all these factors to ensure that the project is completed in the safest way possible.

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