Two Attachments That Will Help Enhance The Utility Of Your Mini Excavator

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Two Attachments That Will Help Enhance The Utility Of Your Mini Excavator

One of the top reasons why numerous contractors will recommend hiring a mini excavator to newbies venturing into heavy construction is the compactness that this equipment offers. The more compact it is, the easier it is to manoeuvre and this makes handling effortless for the user. Nonetheless, while mini excavators are designed for small-scale backyard work and other projects that do not require extensive heavy lifting, the equipment can prove limited in some scenarios.

However, simply because you need performance does not mean that you have to lease a standard-sized excavator that is not only expensive but you would have to bear the costs of an operator too. Instead, you should deliberate on excavator attachments that can simplify your project for you. This article outlines a couple of the attachments that will help enhance the utility of your mini excavator.

Excavator attachments for enhanced digging

Mini excavators are adept at digging since they are designed to reach digging depths of several feet. However, if you want improved precision and enhanced speed, you may want to consider the use of several attachments designed with this purpose in mind.

The first option you can consider is a standard bucket, which is versatile enough to dig into the round for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need to create large holes with your excavator so you can opt for a bucket shape best suited to your applications.

On the other hand, if your site is characterised by hard and stony sections perhaps due to the presence of boulders or compacted soil, then you should consider a ripper attachment for digging up these areas. The ripper is designed to cut through rocky areas, which helps avoid delays by maintaining productivity.

Lastly, if your land has distinctly different types of soil, an auger attachment will be ideal for digging through these contrasting parts. For instance, a high-speed auger is best for dense soil.

Excavator attachments for material handling

Without a doubt, the handling of soil, rocks, organic materials and more is a ubiquitous task that you have to engage in during excavation. Buckets are ideally suited to these jobs since they are designed for multipurpose functionality. In addition to digging, buckets can also be employed for clean-up and even ditch cleaning.

One excavator attachment that is designed specifically for the handling of debris is hydraulic thumbs. These attachments are designed for the picking up and transporting of weirdly shaped materials, such as large rocks. Hydraulic thumbs are especially convenient when you need to handle supplies that will not fit inside the bucket available.

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