How Foundation Contractors Ensure Safe Operation of Drilling Equipment

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How Foundation Contractors Ensure Safe Operation of Drilling Equipment

There are several different methods that can be used to drill a deep foundation for a building that is to be built at a site with unstable soil. One thing that remains constant regardless of the drilling method used is the deployment of heavy drilling rigs on construction sites.

The use of foundation drilling equipment enhances the working capability of construction crews and reduces the total amount of time taken to complete projects, but it poses a significant risk to the safety of workers. As a result, foundation contractors must put in place effective measures to protect their workers from equipment-related accidents and injuries. If you want to know how contractors ensure safety during foundation drilling operations, stick around. 

While the appropriate safety protocols for any drilling job depend on the specific risk factors involved, some safety practices are crucial for almost every job. Below are some best practices for the safe operation of drilling rigs.

Using properly inspected and maintained equipment.

One of the best ways to avoid accidents and injuries during drilling operations is to use drilling rigs that have been properly inspected and maintained. Performing pre-use inspections on drilling equipment helps to establish if there are any issues with the equipment that need to be addressed before commencing work at a construction site.

Using only trained drilling rig operators.

Drilling rigs are large pieces of construction equipment that require a competent person to operate them correctly and safely. Foundation contractors must ensure that only people who are trained and experienced in the operation of drilling rigs are allowed to operate the machines.

Trained and experienced drilling rig operators are well-aware of the safety procedures to be followed during work and are less likely to cause an accident at the job site.

Conducting a pre-work risk assessment of the worksite.

Before commencing any drilling operations, foundation contractors must carry out an assessment of the worksite to determine if there any hazards that need to be addressed. For example, they should determine if the site is stable enough to support their equipment or if there are underground power cables that may put equipment operators and other workers at risk of electrocution.

Ceasing use of faulty equipment.

If any drilling rig is discovered to be faulty, the equipment operator must stop using it and inform the site manager immediately. Drilling operations should only continue after the equipment has been repaired or replaced.

Not using faulty equipment helps avoid further damage to the equipment while minimizing the risk of injuries resulting from workplace accidents.

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