What Can Your Skid Steer Loader Do For You?

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What Can Your Skid Steer Loader Do For You?

Large-scale construction projects require you to have lots of equipment on the site. From backhoe loaders to trucks and compactors, your project will demand something from you throughout the process. Those who have been in the game for a while know the importance of having a versatile machine that can take on several tasks. If you are looking for such equipment, skid steer loaders are the best place to start. They are agile, versatile and suitable for accessing the hard-to-reach areas on your site. Here are some of the tasks you can perform using a skid steer loader:

Digging and Trenching

Most construction projects involve extensive digging and trenching. These two activities are used to pave the way for the structure's footing or to remove obstructions standing in the way of a solid foundation. Skid steers allow you to perform various trenching tasks using different attachments. You can attach a backhoe, auger or trench digger and perform the digging task you want. Augers are excellent for drilling holes because they operate like corkscrews, burrowing firmly into the ground. The equipment also allows you to switch between different attachments with relative ease.

Clearing Snow

Snow can be a hindrance when you are carrying out construction. However, it will no longer be a problem for you, thanks to a skid steer loader's versatility and efficiency. The bucket attachment on the skid steer loader does a great job of clearing snow, but it may not suffice for all applications. You will need a snow blade or snowblower attachment when there is too much snow. The good thing is that your skid steer loader can work with both attachments.

General Excavation

Skid steers also come in handy for general excavation and preparation of the construction site. They achieve this through a host of attachments. First, you can use the skid steer loader with a ripper to loosen and break down hard soil layers. The ripper can also dig through rocks and frozen soil layers, making this attachment option ideal for cold weather applications.

Secondly, the skid steer loader can also work with a tiller to crumble soil into smaller particles. Tillers come in handy when you want to disintegrate big chunks of soil into friable particles that are easy to carry on a loader. The last piece of equipment you can use here is wheel saw. It is high-performance equipment that will help you dig through surfaces such as pavements and reinforced concrete surfaces.

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