How To Save Costs When Hiring Cranes

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How To Save Costs When Hiring Cranes

When hiring cranes, most contractors are often concerned about the costs of crane hire. It is especially so since they have tight budgets and small profit margins. Below is an extract discussing how you can reduce the costs of crane hire. 

Always Work With Reputable Companies

The benefit of working with reputable crane hire companies is that they understand the needs of contractors. These companies have a friendly and flexible pricing policy. For instance, they may reduce the hiring charges during the cold seasons when there is a low demand for cranes. Besides, these companies might give discounts to returning customers. Reputable companies understand that your clients could withhold your payments. Therefore, they might give you a grace period to make your regular payments.

Always Hire The Right Crane

As a rule, you should assess the site conditions and determine the required works to know which type of crane you should hire. Hiring the wrong crane could lead to site accidents or increase the number of days it takes to complete your projects. For instance, an underpowered crane cannot lift heavy objects. As such, you will be compelled to lift lighter loads and work for more hours. Alternatively, you could be compelled to hire two cranes to ensure you meet project deadlines. Many crane hire companies can send qualified personnel to your site to determine what type of crane will suit your needs. 

Inspect The Crane To Reduce Downtime

A common mistake made by many contractors is failing to inspect the crane before hire. A faulty crane will breakdown at your site; hence your project will take longer. Besides, you may still have to pay the hire charges as the crane is under repair. Avoid this by ensuring that you inspect the crane before it arrives at your site. Examine the hydraulic system, wire rope, electrical system, outriggers and frame for bends and cracks. Additionally, the moving parts should be well lubricated. You could also ask for the crane's service records to ensure the company services the crane on time. 

Negotiate The Conditions Of Hire

Read the company's terms of hire and negotiate the following: 

  • Ask the company to offer free transport, installation and crane maintenance while the crane is at your site.
  • If the company has a standard charge, ask them to reduce the daily charges when the equipment is idle or under repairs.
  • Ideally, the hiring period should commence once the crane arrives at your site. You should not have to pay when the equipment is in transit.
  • Ask the company to provide crane operators and riggers. 

Crane hire should not cost you an arm and a leg. Work with reputable companies, hire the right crane, inspect the equipment and negotiate the hire conditions. Contact a local crane hire to learn more about your crane options.

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