How to Plan Carefully for Industrial Relocation

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How to Plan Carefully for Industrial Relocation

If you've decided to move your industrial facility to a completely different location as part of a major expansion, there's often a lot of planning involved. After all, you may have to consider a lot of machinery and complex equipment, some of which may have to be disassembled for the move itself. What do you need to take into account as you begin to plan?

In at the Start

The earlier you start, the better. And don't forget to involve help from a specialist from day one. Bring in a rigging company with experience in your industry, and they should be part of the conversation all the way through until the job is complete.

Auditing and Preparation

Start off by auditing your machinery and equipment, as this will also allow you to make an assessment of its condition. You can then work out which pieces of machinery need to be decommissioned and disassembled and how you are going to do this. Should there be any existing damage, make sure that it is documented, and you should take photos as well. Ideally, each piece of equipment should have its own unique tag, and this may make it easier to recommission once you arrive at the new facility.


Certainly, you will rely on the expertise of the rigging company, but they should work hand-in-hand with your operations and maintenance staff. Together, they'll make sure that everything is disassembled and put back together properly, as questions will undoubtedly arise that are specific to your brand or type of equipment.

Scheduling and Efficiency

Your new facility will likely be different to your current place, and you may, in any case, need to reconfigure the equipment as part of your growth plan. Also, you may need to keep some of your equipment in full working order at your existing base while other items crank into life elsewhere. In addition to your plan, therefore, you should also have an operational schedule. Make sure that your rigging team is also aware of this schedule so that there are no misunderstandings and you can maintain operational efficiency throughout.

A Job for the Experts

Some of your equipment may be very large and extremely heavy. If you weren't involved with the initial installation, you may worry that moving would be very difficult. However, an experienced and qualified rigging team will have all the necessary equipment and tools and may have performed similar jobs in the past. Just make sure that you contract the best rigging company and bring them into the picture from the outset.

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