What Steps Will a Crane Rigger Take When Setting Up a Crane?

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What Steps Will a Crane Rigger Take When Setting Up a Crane?

If you're hiring a crane rigger to help with a crane rigging job, then you might be happy to find that they will probably provide you with a variety of services. One of the first things they should help with is getting your crane set up. There are more steps to this than many people realise, which is yet another reason why it's a good idea to leave the job up to a crane rigging professional. Some of the steps that a crane rigger will probably take when setting up a crane on your property can be found below.

Determining Which Crane You Should Rent

If you haven't already picked a crane to rent, then the crane rigger might talk to you a little more about your options. They will want to know more about your project and project site before they can make recommendations. Then, they should let you know about the crane that they think is ideal for the job. Obviously, this decision will need to be made before a crane can ever be set up on your job site.

Choosing the Right Location to Set Up the Crane

You might have an idea in mind of where the crane should be set up for your project. However, you might not have an exact location picked out yet. If possible, you may want to let the crane rigger make this choice. They will pay attention to things like the size of the crane that they will be operating, the range of motion that they will need when doing their jobs and more. This will allow them to choose an exact location to set up the crane. Then, they might mark off this area with flags so the area can be easily found.

Coordinating with Delivery and Setup

If the crane has not been delivered to your job site yet, the crane rigger might work with the crane rental company to coordinate delivery. They should be present when the crane is delivered, and they should supervise delivery and setup to make sure everything is done properly.

Performing Final Inspections

Even though the crane rigger you have hired might watch an expert crew set up a crane right in front of their eyes, this does not mean that they shouldn't perform an inspection after set-up has been completed. In fact, it is imperative for them to do this to be sure the crane is ready for use and that it's safe for them to operate.

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