Two factors to consider when hiring a loading platform for a construction project

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Two factors to consider when hiring a loading platform for a construction project

Here are two factors to consider when hiring a loading platform for a construction project.

The width of the opening on the storey of the building the platform will be loaded onto

You'll need to measure the width of the opening on the storey of the building that you're doing construction work on and provide these measurements to the loading platform hire company. They'll then use these measurements to ensure the loading platform they provide is narrow enough to easily fit through this opening. When making this decision, it's best to opt for a loading platform that is not just, for example, a few centimetres narrower than the opening you plan to put it through; instead, you should request that the rental business provide one that is, for example, 15 inches narrower than this opening.

The reason for this is that by choosing one that's significantly narrower than the opening, it will be much easier for the crane operator to get the platform through this opening, than if they were trying to squeeze it into a section of the building that was just barely wide enough for the platform. It will also mean that if the platform starts to swing slightly whilst it's elevated and is being placed into this area of the building, there will be less chance of it hitting the walls on either side of the opening and damaging them.

The total weight of the items you'll be placing on the loading platform

You'll also need to give the loading platform rental company the total weight of the items you plan to place on the platform. It's important not to just guess what this number will be but to instead check the weight of, for example, the bags of concrete, structural steel or timber you plan to put on this platform. The rental company will need this information to ensure that the loading platform they provide has the right weight capacity. Additionally, the crane operator and those that do the rigging work will need to ensure that the crane model's load capacity is high enough to safely hold both the loading platform and all of the materials you plan to put on it.

If you don't know exactly how much the materials you'll be putting on this platform will weigh, you should overestimate the total weight, as this will mean that even if it turns out that your materials weigh several kilos more than you thought, you'll still be able to use the loading platform and the crane driver will still be able to safely move it for you after it's been loaded up.

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