Crane Buying Tips

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Crane Buying Tips

As a building contractor, buying a crane could be one of your priorities this year. However, buying a crane can be nerve-wracking since there are numerous crane models to choose from.

Below is an article with some crane purchasing tips.

Settle on a specific crane

From the onset, you must be sure about the crane your business needs. For instance; 

  • Crawler cranes are used for massive projects where you need to lift heavy loads at significant heights.
  • Rough terrain cranes suit construction sites with uneven surfaces. Besides, you can use them in mining sites.
  • Truck-mounted cranes are versatile cranes installed on a crack. These cranes are a flexible option for contractors who need to move the crane across different construction sites. Their downside is that they have a lower load limit than crawler cranes.
  • A floating crane is a viable option for contractors working at sea. For instance, they could be building an oil rig. 

You must also decide on the crane's specifications. For instance, what is your preferred load limit? How long is the crane's boom? Are you concerned about the crane size? For example, you need a compact crane when working in constricted sites. 

Settle on a specific model

What crane model do you plan to buy? Conduct background research to compare the various crane models. Your research helps you establish the durability and reliability of your preferred crane. Moreover, check the availability of support services such as a manufacturer's warranty. Besides, check the accessibility of crane spare parts such as motors, track link assemblies, rails, wire ropes, slingshots, and hydraulic pumps. Finally, check whether the crane has adequate and state-of-the-art safety features. For instance, the crane should have load limiters, anti-collision sensors, limit switches, remote monitoring, and automatic diagnostic systems.

New versus used cranes

Do you buy a new or used crane? New cranes suit contractors who intend to take advantage of the latest crane technologies. These cranes come with a manufacturer's warranty. Simply put, you do not incur repair expenses if the crane develops defects caused by assembly line errors. New cranes will also last long since they come with new and high-quality parts. Used cranes suit contractors on a budget. The rule is to assess the condition of these cranes before purchase. Furthermore, check the crane's working hours against its repair protocols to know whether the current owner observes the maintenance protocols. You could also ask for a guarantee. Finally, negotiate the asking price and additional services such as insurance and transport to your site. 

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